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It happened on a rainy, humid morning in Orlando, Florida, while I was writing another article and relaxing on our porch; almost all at once a surge of pain appeared in my shoulders, my neck, and my back – like a bolt of lightning!

It was fascinating, more than anything else.

I thought it was probably just that I’d worked the body pretty hard the day before; maybe even a little over worked it.

But, in that sudden moment of soreness, I realized something else…

For countless years, I’d just accepted pain and soreness as “the norm.”

And perhaps it is.

I thought about this a little more, and another realization came.

If you refused to let pain, sickness, or hardship “get you down,” you’d never have a excuse

I realized that in many cases, we not only accept pain or sickness… We often even invite it.

Wouldn’t we rather shape our lives to be absolutely pain-free, disease-free, and blissful, though?

Most sane folks would answer yes.

But, if that happened… You’d lose your excuses.

If you refused to let pain, sickness, or hardship “get you down,” you’d never have an excuse to show up to life FULLY ON.

And it’s that subtle desire, to have an excuse, that so many of us decide to do nothing about solving the pains, shaping the mind to achieve our goals, and becoming a full-fledge human life.

Because if we solve those problems, we’ll never have an excuse to not show up to work, or to be in a bad mood, or to “be lazy today,” or to not be a great success.

But, that’s where the ultimate experience of freedom lives – in the realm beyond excuses and self-imposed limitations.

It’s our choice. That’s all.



Nick Haubner

Yogi living in Orlando, FL

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by | Oct 4, 2018