The Questions We Ask Ourselves

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We ask ourselves questions every day, every hour, every minute… why… what… how… when? But how often do you pay close attention to the questions you ask? Especially the ones that we pose to ourselves?

The questions we ask ourselves, in our head, or outloud, have a tremendous influence on how we live our lives…. How we respond to situations… and most importantly, how we view ourselves.

We can call this our “self image” as so many do.

Our image of ourselves.

Inner dialog and affirmations certainly have an impact on how we view ourselves, but questions more than anything else do, because when you ask a question, you evoke your inner powers to search for an answer.

The most successful men and women know of this mysterious force that exists within each of us and use it to gather the information and uncommon understandings they need in order to fulfill their purpose.

When we ask a question, we send out a little probe into our subconscious mind and even more profoundly… into the cosmic consciousness. One little question may yield an answer.

But, if the question is constantly asked and reflected upon, the potency is elevated.

The answer comes.

With that in mind, you can see how asking the “wrong” or disempowering questions like “Why do I always mess things up?” “Why do terrible things happen to me all the time..” will yield terrible results.

We can know someone by the quality of thoughts they produce, but even more telling is the kinds of questions they are asking themselves and others around them.

Because EVERY question will ultimately be answered.

Ask better questions, and you’ll see your life begin to manifest better circumstances and situations. Your mind will become decked with the blossoms of high thinking and empowering self image.

So, pull the questions of fear, illusion, and doubt up by their roots. Discard them. And…

Think today: What kinds of questions can I ask myself that will guide me to the answers I really would like to see manifest in my life.


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Over the years I've discovered many secrets to living well, realizing our true inner-nature, and ultimately attaining those pure and sublime states of peace and bliss... But, one secret does stand above the rest: In our own personal pursuit for more joy, fulfillment, and happiness, the more we include others and help them progress on their path as well, the closer we come to realizing our very own Self. May God bless you with peace, prosperity, and abundance of health & joy.