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And now… Padasevana.

Namaste & welcome!

I must say, while this post is being crafted on within the first few hours of “Padasevana’s” inception, it’s been a several years of confusion, concentration, and constant seeking that has led to this moment.

First, the teachings here are not to create debate. Some will understand, some will not. If you feel the need to “disagree” with something, it is only that you have not opened yourself up to the possibility of seeing from a complete and purified perspective.

Padasevana is about serving YOU. Serving humanity. Serving God within everyone.

That said, it is NOT about serving the little ego which distracts and creates numerous mentations in the mind.

The definition of Padasevana is this: Serving Divine Feet. Broadly speaking, this is accomplished by serving the very essence of YOU. The depth of your being is God. Your true reality, beyond all names, forms, and conceptions is Brahman.

Hint: You’ll notice that we’ll interchange the names as often as possible. Do not be overly attached (raga) and distracted by the names. It is that which is beyond the names that you’re after.

I say “we” too, because I envision a bustling, beautiful, growing tribe of spiritual aspirants (much like myself). Again… I’m no guru. I’m no preacher.

I’m on the same path as you.

I study daily. I do the practices daily. Hatha Yoga. Japa. Meditation. Pray. Perhaps this is your Sadhana too.

Wonderful! I imagine we will grow, learn, and inspire one-another very much.

…And that is why this is such a beautiful movement. (a God-ward movement if you wish)

For many, many months I’ve tried to come up with a name. Names are important and can be sacred when you become sensitive to these vibrations.

Many names came to me. I thought I had it.

And when I finally thought I found the one… a realization occurred: This is too much about “me” and not enough about expansion, about serving, about spreading these inspiring thoughts and teachings.

The core of “Om Namah Shivaya” arose.

Namah is the negation. “Not mine.”

None of this is mine. Neither the body, nor the mind, nor even the ideas and concepts to pour in and through this intellect.

This is ALL of yours. And all in all, this is God’s.

So, while this might not be the most refined article I write here, there’s not a moment to waste. Not a single day to wait. Publish we shall!

I’ll conclude with this…

My wish is for you to have a most enjoyable time here. Whether you learn something you didn’t know before, or share something that we didn’t know before…

My deepest wish for you is that this blog, this website, this TRIBE! serves as an eternal, infinity fount of inspiration.

Sarvesham svastir bhavatu
Sarvesham shantir bhavatu
Sarvesham purnam bhavatu
Sarvesham mangalam bhavatu

Aum Namah Shivaya.