Simple Living, High Thinking

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For centuries, the great spiritual masters have spoken of the peaceful power of simple living and high thinking.

What does it mean? And most importantly, how does one apply this to their life?

Most essentially, simple living is the art of living in circumstances that are not full of excess.

Excessiveness and overindulgence is nothing new. This has been a common vice for countless men and women since time immemorial.

But, instead of leading to more pleasure, joy, and happiness… It most often leads to more problems, if not now… later on.

The gluttonous eating habits of many lead to terrible diseases and extreme discomfort.

The indulgence in and lack of control over sexual desire leads to increasing perversion of the mind and frustration. Always wanting more than can be fulfilled, with every new experience.

Excessive indulgences in the luxuries of the world lead so many into deeper and deeper debt, insecurity, and fear. The stresses of today are not necessarily due to lack of resources or the fundamentals for healthy living…

It’s just that we must also refine our thinking lest we become possessed by our possessions.

On the contrary, it is due primarily to our insatiable desires to possess all of the new shiny objects of the world…

The luxuries, widgets, and gadgets that often fail to live up to our expectations and grow old and boring all too quickly.

This isn’t to say that the luxuries of the world are negative.

Just our approach to them.

It is a wonderful thing that so many fantastic inventions; And many these creations have come about from the human imagination and creative faculties in a tremendously positive way.

It’s just that we must also refine our thinking lest we become possessed by our possessions.

More possessions do not lead to more happiness.

More indulgence in the senses does not lead to fulfillment and satisfaction.

These compulsive behaviors lead us to more desires, fiercer cravings, and boredom.

So, to live a life of simple living. This is a great thing.

Happy is the man or women who possesses little in fleeting material objects and MUCH in the higher thinking and contributive faculties.

There is plenty enough for us all to live happily and abundantly.

Too many possessions make the mind distracted and unclear. So much to look after. So much to worry about. So much to organize or shove into a closet.

Simple Living Does Not Mean Poverty

On the contrary, you can live in a wonderful home, drive nice cars, and have the BEST of all that you wish to have, while simultaneously maintaining a balanced perception of how they fit in.

Everything put in it’s proper place.

This is for you to decide. But, ultimately, it comes down to constantly asking this question: “Is this enhancing the quality of my life, or is this another distraction that I can live happily without?”

How Does One Go About Living Simply?

and knowing what is necessary and what is not. This is question does not have a perfect generic answer.

For everyone it will be different. It is just to develop within yourself the proper knowledge and discriminative faculties to ASK the question always. To reflect and know what is needed.

To release attachment to the possessions and to see to it that you do not have more than you really need to live practically and joyfully.

Do you need 5 TVs? I don’t know.

You see, it’s a question that can’t be answered easily.

For example… I do not need 5 TVs. We have 1 main one for watching movies and enjoying a good show and we have 1 other in our exercise and yoga room for playing videos that help us in our work. No others are necessary.

But, perhaps you have a large family and 5 TVs is necessary for your family so that everyone can watch whatever they wish without disturbing the whole house or causing a fight over the only TV in the house.

Could you create a situation where even with a large family, you only have 1 TV and everyone lives peacefully? Of course!

But, you see… This is all up to you to decide and be reasonable about.

Do not be foolish in the decision making. If you say… Yes, 5 TVs will be exactly what we need… If 5 TVs puts you $3000 in debt, this is very irresponsible.

Simple living is an art.

Art is different for each individual. Be your own creator of simple living. Experience the JOY that comes with removing all that is not necessary – all that clutters your mind, your space, and your life.

Next we come to High Thinking.

It is like the opposite wing of the “bird” of living wonderfully. Simple Living on one side… High Thinking on the other.

Without one or the other, you will fall out of the sky.

Attempting to live simply while your mind is shallow and distracted will not lead to peace and happiness. You will be desiring and miserable for other things. Rajasic.

On the other hand, thinking sublime, deep thoughts while living in complete overindulgence will only lead to disease, poverty, and poor habits. Tamasic.

The Satvic path is the one we wish to travel.

Thinking highly means reflecting upon the nature of life, charging the mind with positive thoughts and sentiments, and understanding the subtler points of philosophy, science, art, and especially the scriptures and Vedas.

A lazy philosopher is even less inspiring than an erratic, over-indulging, shallow-thinking fool. At least he makes it very clear in your mind who you DO NOT want to be like.

Simple living does not mean living lazily.

Laziness comes from TOO much comfort.

A hot bath will make you tired. A cold shower will make you energized.

There’s nothing wrong with a warm bath from time to time.

This is only to show the point – Too much comfort leads to laziness, sleepiness, and poverty.

Too much discomfort leads to frustration, anger, and anxiety.

The balance is needed.

Simple living means living comfortably in that you are no longer overspending, overindulging. This is a healthy type of comfort. This is a mental comfort. Peace. Ease. Confidence comes from “having enough” and being “content.”

But, contentment does not mean you don’t work.

On the contrary, the content person will work with more energy, fervor, and joy because they do not desperately NEED to work, but WISH to work. The work they turn out is more creative, helpful, and full of beauty.

Live simpler. Think higher.

Charge your mind with profound thoughts. Refine your life with simpler practices and more discipline.

This is the way to living in abundant happiness, joy, and FREEDOM.


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