Want To Relieve Anxiety, Worry, And Fear To Become More Peaceful & Unshakeable (without drugs or alcohol)

Enter: The 5 “S” Process

What makes you feel anxiety?

The reasons seem numerous. It would seem as though it is something that comes from the outside.

It comes on suddenly and before we can do a thing about it, we’re caught up in it’s tormenting winds.

But actually, anxiety… worry… and fear…

Have origins that are closer than we often think.

You see, these feelings come from within. It is just that something is thrown off balance; out of harmony.

Now, this isn’t about forming more “guilt.” The idea that we are manufacturing our states of being, our agreements, and our responses to situations and people…

This is good news.

Because what a daunting and difficult (if not impossible) task it is to alter what’s outside of us.

But, we can alter what happens within ourselves. Our mind. Our emotion. Our response.

We can transform THIS one.

Truth: Your feelings are not outside of you.

So, if we can become anxious, worrisome, and fearful, we can also become calm, collected, insightful, peaceful, and understanding in those same situations and around those same people.

It is a small shift. A decision to do so.

…And when learn how to do this, you become unshakeable; you cannot be touched by negative emotions.

It is like this…

Just as a salt-water shark cannot live in the purity of a fresh-water lake…

Negative thoughts and feelings cannot exist in the atmosphere of inner-peace, clarity, and strength.

Now, if we’re to bring about a transformation from anxiety & worry to inner-peace and clarity, we need a process.

Will-power alone never works (permanently).

It’s far easier to implement a tool for transformation at the exact moment that anxious feelings arise.

Which brings us to this next part… 

Selfie with Swami Jyotirmayananda after a private meeting at his ashram in Miami, FL (this is who first introduced me to Pratipaksha Bhavana through his satsangas and works)

Over 2 years ago, I discovered this process.

I’d been doing a lot of inner-work myself, on my mindset, and with my spiritual path, but something was missing…

I still felt like I wasn’t able to totally transform my mind and emotions.

Some days would be great…

…then, the next, I’d be thinking negatively, worrying about tomorrow, feeling the anxiety of not feeling in control and possibly failing.

Then, this gem appeared – and that all changed.

It’s a method that has its origin in the ancient system of Raja Yoga

First, let’s preface this by saying that it’s been “evolved” a little bit.

Originally there are 3 S’s (steps) but after using this process over and over again, two additional steps appeared as essential.

So, I’m sharing with you the 5 S’s of Pratipaksha Bhavana.

And it starts with the first S

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