AND NOW… The Final 3 Steps

The Method

We’re most creative when we’re in a relaxed state, when we are not full of anxiety and worry.

So, becoming peaceful and unshakeable are not just nice, wishful ideas…

It’s an essential quality that all of us are able to develop within ourselves.

And when you do you can live your life in the most complete and fulfilling way possible.

Now, this is not a complicated process.

It doesn’t have to be.

And, in truth, the simpler the better.

Our goal is to move from anxiety and fear to peacefulness and clarity; NOT to get more confused on the way.

So, the first step (in our case, the third) starts with…


Suppression gets a bad rap. But, that’s because most folks stop at this step. That creates issues. We’re going to create something else… FIRE.

There is something known as Tapas (no, not the little Spanish appetizers). You can call it tapasya to avoid that confusion too.

This is the inner-fire.

It’s a particular subtle “heat” or fire that, in Yogic Tradition, is built up as we continue to discipline our mind, body, and energies.

Tapasya is that inner fire that can be built up each time you use a little effort to suppress a compulsive thought or behavior and instead.

And the more you do this, the more inner-strength you build up.

With this new understanding you can see how we “suppress” in a positive way.

It’s not ignoring.

We’re not ignoring.

We’re firmly asserting “No. I’m not getting caught up in that trap.”

It’s a little pressure to pause the compulsive reaction. It’s us saying “No. Not that way” to our thoughts; to our emotions.

Then, having taken control of the situation for a brief moment, you…


Our “Schematic” (plan) is coming into play now.

We’ve stopped the worrying habit from expressing, for a moment. The fire is built up a little bit. We might even feel a certain heat or pressure in our body.

The urge to worry has been paused.

So, instead, you use your substitute.

Instead of contemplating all the things that you ordinarily do in this sort of situation, you can now focus on what empowers you and gives you the ability to respond positively rather than with anxiety, worry, and fear.

Instead of allowing your mind to dwell on your past assumptions, you put a pause on that dialog and you decide to bring NEW and EMPOWERING thoughts into your mind…

“When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which had never happened.”

– Winston Churchill

So, you see…

In this way, you’re taking the reins.

You’re taking control of your life, of your mind, of your emotions.

No, not control in some sort of restricted sense.

The emotions might even still come in various forms.

But, every time you switch the typical reaction and substitute it for the one of your choosing…

The more inner-strength you gain and the more you’re capable of being untouched by negative emotions. You become unshakeable.


The final step happens.


This is the last step, and the only one that you don’t act on directly.

All of your self-awareness, your work to change your anxiety-habit and exert your willpower little by little, leads to this spontaneous happening.

The new, consciously guided response takes root in the ashes of the old.

Little (even no extra) effort is required to maintain this.

In the beginning it requires your effort. Your guidance.

But, with repeated effort, it becomes effortless.

The reward is a powerful sense of self-control.

Your life is in your hands.

Anything is possible.

Whatever you want to create, you now know that all you’ve got to do is use Pratipaksha Bhavana and transform your habits of thinking, acting, and feeling in the direction you wish them to go.

Your life is your making.

You Now Have A Tool To Move From Compulsiveness to Consciousness… Confusion To Clarity.

…And now…

There might be a few doubts lingering.

“What if I can’t do it on my own?”

“How will I know if I choose the right path for me?”

“How can I be sure that I’m accountable and stick to my plan?”

Good questions.

Because unless we have a compass, a map, or better yet, a GPS, we can have the best vehicle in the world, but we might still get lost.

Pratipaksha Bhavana is a vehicle.

One technique.

A powerful one, definitely.

But, again, it’s wise to install your vehicle with a trusty GPS so you can always get to where you want to go without feeling lost.

Now, you could figure it out on your own, or we can help…

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