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We never start with feeling guilt.

It didn’t exist in your experience before.

“Before what?”

Before you knew there was something else…

Something else to do.

Something else to think.

Something else you didn’t do or think.

Someone else you could have been with, or someone else you “shoulda” been with.


It’s simple, really.

Guilt happens within us when we feel that we could have, should have, or ought to be doing or thinking or acting differently than we are right now. (or an hour ago)

There might have been an infinite number of possibilities for the moment and all that it was…

Instead of accepting the moment and all that it implies… just as it is… We’ve gotten all tangled up in our thoughts about something “better.”

The moment you’re thinking in terms of ‘better’ and ‘worse’ is the moment guilt arises.

But, better and worse exist only as a certain bias. Sometimes the majority agrees about a certain “better” or a certain “worse”…

Doesn’t make it any less of a fantasy of our own big ‘ol imagination. Guilt need not happen, though.

You can be guiltless.


Free of guilt.

“How, though?”

It starts by removing the nonsense notion that the moment could have been any other way… that the thoughts ‘thunk’ could have been any different.

Only in our imagination could they have been.

And, if you look at this…

There might have been an infinite number of possibilities for the moment and all that it was…

But, only that one happened, then you can come to the stark realization that there is NOW, no other way this could have happened.

You can’t go back.

You can’t skip over it.

You can only move in and through this very moment, on and on.

In realizing this, how can you feel guilt?

If you just realize that what didn’t get done can’t get done an hour ago anymore…

What you did or didn’t say or do can’t be taken back…

What you wish you’d said or done can’t happen yesterday…

Then, the guiltless moment.

If your attention is brought totally to the present, and is fixed in such a way that it doesn’t go wandering in the past or dreaming of the future…

Guilt dissolves.

Only now can anything be done, thought, or acted upon.

Anyways, guilt doesn’t help you accomplish anything. It’s the least productive use of your brilliant mind.



Nick Haubner

Yogi living in Orlando, FL

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