Nick Haubner: Since I can remember I questioned the “unquestionable” when it came to spirituality and religion (frustrating a lot of adults in the process).

When I was just a child, it was frowned upon, but as I grew and discovered different spiritual practices, I learned that that is exactly what we all must do…

Rather than draw conclusions about everyone and everything, it’s our responsibility (as spiritual seekers) to ASK, to question, and to doubt healthily.

For me, my spiritual quest began when I was 15 years old. Some unexplainable phenoma started to happen in my life that no one seemed to understand.

So, I picked up a Bible and started to read. I enjoyed most of it, but the deeper I studied, the more I realized it wasn’t leading me to answers, but instead more conclusions based on blind-belief (even demanding it).

So, the quest continued…

Over those years, up until I was 21, I studied many things. I tried on different philosophies and ideas…

But, the BIG shift happened for me shortly after I turned 22.

Through some incredible experiences, ones I’d never known existed before, I was set onto a path into Eastern philosophies, cultures, and methods.

I consumed and integrated these teachings daily for 6+ years.

I continue to even today.

And it’s through the integration of these that I’ve been able to transform my life and soak in various states of consciousness and wisdom.

I’ve been reluctant to share these teachings and practices, because it always feels like there’s more to learn (before I can share).

The truth is… There will ALWAYS be “more.”

But, instead of holding back, I can simply continue to share.

That’s why I went with the ongoing membership platform.

I did design a few courses, but they all fell short of my expectations. (even the 9+ hour one)

Not because they’re not full of helpful and enlightening information and practices, but because there’s always deeper layers to unravel and unpack.

So, I hope you come and join us inside our cozy tribe. We’re all in this together.

The Sage & The Grimy Vessel

A few years ago I discovered a story that revealed the most essential lesson of all spiritual teachings.

As I recall, it went like this…

There once lived a realized master who had attained the ultimate state of enlightenment, but still remained in his body.

On a certain day, a young spiritual devotee arrived at this master’s humble little cottage in tucked away in a secluded forest; not easy to find.

However, this devotee was intent on finding this master, because he knew that he held the secret knowledge that would enlighten him.

So, after this long journey, he knocked at the old, wooden door.

The sage arrived and no sooner did he open the door the devotee asked him with much anticipation…

“Master, you’ve realized all that is to be realized. You know the Ultimate. You have become the Divine yourself. Please, bless me and enlighten me now.”

The master, seeing what was going on here refused.

But, the devotee persisted.

He continued to ask in so many ways.

Soon he found himself begging, “Please, please, give me the Divine touch and enlighten me this instant. I will do anything for you.”

Hearing these words, the great Sage finally spoke…

“Ok. Fine. I will enlighten you tomorrow. I will arrive at your house at 5 o’clock in the evening. Now go.”

Delighted and filled with anticipation, the devotee rushed home.

The next morning, he woke up early to get to the market and purchase the very best ingredients for the feast he was about to prepare for his mystic guest.

All day long, he slaved away in the kitchen.

He prepared the tastiest dishes he knew.

He used the finest dish wares to serve everything.

The day sped by and soon it was 5 o’clock.

A knock on the door sent him into a flurry of excitement, knowing that the realized master had arrived.

He flung the door open to greet him and just as he did, the great sage thrust his bowl in front of the devotee and shouted, “Quick, quick, place all the food in my bowl – I’m starving.”

The devotee looked down at this bowl, and refused.

He said, “No sir, you can not eat from this bowl. It is so dirty. There’s molds growing all over it and food scraps from previous meals. Put the bowl down and come in, I have prepared the best dishes I know of on clean plates.”

But, the sage was impatient.

He said, “No, no this will do just fine. Just put all of the food in here at once and I will eat it up. I’m hungry right now. Let’s not waste another second.”

The devotee was shocked.

He slaved away all day, cooking, cleaning, preparing these fine dishes and was not about to place this luxurious food in this disgusting bowl.

Again, he said, “No, no sir. I won’t do it. I worked so hard to create these beautiful dishes for you. I can’t serve them to you in this terrible bowl.”

Having made his point, the master revealed the mystery of his odd behavior, “But you see, you have asked me to do the same for you.

Just as I have come to you with this grimy bowl and hastily requested that you pour your finest creations into it, you have come to me requesting enlightenment without having purified your mind, your body, your emotions, and your energies.

And in just the same way that you invested so much of your time and energy on the creation of these fine dishes and will not simply toss them into some grimy bowl, I will not simply pour into you what is most sacred and precious in the entire cosmos.

You must do the work to purify and illuminate your mind & heart first. Devote yourself to this. Then, it will happen for you.” 

So, you see…

Our work here is not to seek something or someone to magically bestow upon us enlightenment or self-realization.

Our work is to purify.

Not in the religious sense of berating the body and emotions.

“Purify” in the sense of removing those self-sabotaging blocks, destructive doubts, identifications, egoistic compulsiveness, false agreements (we’ve made with ourselves), and negative thoughts.

This sort of work helps us to expand our ability to understand and experience dimensions of perception beyond our current capabilities…

And to make that into our everyday, “ordinary” reality.

That’s why I created this tribe 

Here’s What We’re All About

Now is an incredible time to be alive.

Spiritual teachings from lineages that reach far beyond our concept of time are starting to surface more and more.

The combination of technological advancements as well as auspicious alignments within the cosmos are bringing these teachings out and making them available to us.

It is truly wonderful.

But, we must also be careful and diligent in keeping what is most sacred in its pure form.

This isn’t to say we can’t make things our own and practice and learn in our unique ways…

But, using spirituality as a vanity metric (“look how spiritual I am”) is the same as reducing a 747 airliner to a bus.

It might look interesting, but it’s meant to fly and take you to heights beyond superficial.

So, as you continue, you’ll find that what we’re doing here might not be for everyone.

If you’re into “looking spiritual” rather than doing the deep inner work to become truly spiritual and wonderful, then there are plenty of other places to do that.

On the other hand, if you want to be involved with a tribe of beautiful, spiritual workers you might like it here…

Because, our goal is to expand the spiritual aspects of Life into the lives of those who are actively growing in this way.

If you’ve already got a practice that you like, you can keep it and our hope is that we can give you other perspectives and tools for you to deepen it even more.

If you don’t, that’s ok.

I’ll share with you a complete integral sadhana (spiritual practice) you can use, along with ongoing insights, teachings, and guided practices each month. 

5 Super Benefits of Integral Sadhana

Of the numerous benefits of this SYSTEM of yoga & spiritual wellbeing, these 5 stand out as the most obvious…

Eliminate & Replace bad habits

We’ll show you how to eliminate compulsive, persistent negative thinking that disempowers us and derails our plans for a better life…and we’ll replace those thoughts with positive, insightful, and empowering thought-habits so you can achieve any goal (personal, business, or spiritual) with least resistance.

Develop Unshakable Clarity

I’ve seen even the “boldest” of people be shaken after a traumatic event or situation. I’ve also seen those same people make a small situation into a “traumatic” event. Instead, we’ll show you how to remain balanced, at ease, and capable of seeing with the “eye of wisdom” so that you become absolutely unshakable even in situations that were once stressful or scary.

Melt Away Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are the result of not knowing how to handle your mind, body, and energies well. This is why we use the word “wellbeing” so often. When you are well, this means you are able to consciously choose not to be stress or anxious. We’ll show you how through the use of powerful breathing techniques, yoga postures, and even certain foods.

Transmute Anger & Fear

Anger takes on many forms… frustration, hatred, short-temperedness, resentment. We show you how to transform ‘moments of anger’ and ‘feelings of fear, insecurity, and uncertainty’ into moments of understanding, insight, and learning. This alone is one of the most important teachings in this course. It is an empowering experience to finally be able to have control of these 2 strong emotions.

Use Proven Practices

The mystics, healers, and wise men and women of antiquity explored the fathomless expanse of consciousness in ways that we have only just begun to re-explore. The methods and techniques they shared for entering into higher dimensions of perception are still alive and it is our goal to share them with you.

Here’s What You Get IMMEDIATELY When You Join…

Below you’ll see some INSTANT gifts you get access to, but besides those, you’re also getting NEW weekly and monthly satsangs (via video or audio), guided practices (like meditations or pranayama), and the opportunity to engage and ask questions during our LIVE discussions.

You also get…

9 Essential Questions About Meditation

These nine questions come from someone (my sister actually) who had not been doing any yoga practices and was genuinely curious about how to begin and how to handle some of the most common hurdles in our life and spiritual practice. You’ll likely find these questions to be similar to your own.

61 Point Shavasana

In this guided ‘meditation’ we’ll be lying down on our back in shavasana. The focus will move over 61 points on the body, which will help you to maintain awareness and not drift into a sleep.

Guided Meditations

Here you will find all of the guided meditations for Integral Sadhana practice. If we ever mention that we’ve “added a new meditation” this is where you will find it. (see below how we do these differently)

Activating & Using Mandalams For Better Habit Integration

This originally comes from the healing work in Ayurvedic Medicine but is also applied to Sadhanas and practices that we wish to integrate into our life. 

Nadi Shodhana

The Nadis are known as subtle channels or pathways that our energies follow on the subtler astral plane. These are not viewable by any physical means, but is possible to directly perceive in higher states of consciousness.

Soorya Namaskara Practice

There are many variations of Soorya (or Surya) Namaskara, but this is the version that we learned most closely related to the classical way of moving in the asanas. This is a very complete sequence and a wonderful one in that almost anyone can practice it.

Designing Your Sacred Alter Space

This is something that grows over time. You find meaningful items, powerful items, crystals, powders, and so forth to add to your space. No one is to touch this. This is for you. Over time this space grows in power and allows you to enter into meditative states more quickly.

Guided Japa of Mantra

Mantra (Sanskrit mantra) is the sound form of a subtler energy, and when we pronounce these sounds (bija seed sounds) in the correct sequence, the mantra becomes active and can positively effect our life in auspicious ways. Here, we’ll use a mala of 108 beads to do Japa of Mantra.

"Vaccinations” On The Path

Over the many years of my own personal journey in spiritual practices, yoga, and other mystic experiences, I’ve encountered many “slippery cliff-sides” “rocky roads” and “times of plateauing dullness.” Each one I’ve overcome and now I’m bringing to you the solutions and means of avoiding them altogether in this lesson.

Here’s What You Get 

Every Month When You Join Today

When you join our tribe you are receiving proven methods that guide you in deepening and enriching your spiritual practice or creating one if you don’t have one yet.

  • To bring you ONLY teachings, information, and knowledge that is pure in it’s roots (lineage) and can be reflected upon to provoke deeper, more meaningful understandings and realizations for yourself
  • To bring humor and joy to these conversations – light-heartedness and play are essential ingredients to any spiritual work
  • To bring you along on my own journeys and experiences in my “private logs” so that you also get to experience what I’m experiencing and in a way, get an inside look at what I’m learning, exploring, and doing. This could be dietas in Peru or pilgrimages in India or just sweet little adventures around the world
  • To be concise and precise with these teachings so you can maximize your time doing what’s most important to you

The Weekly Satsanga

In these weekly video satsangas, I’ll be highlighting various insights, practices, and wisdom (from scriptures, vedas, and other sources) so that you can extract the most revelant teachings for where you’re at in your sadhana and apply it (without being overwhelmed by too many ‘action steps’ every single day)

We’ll always touch each aspect of Integral Sadhana ~ Jnana, Bhakti, Karma, Raja, Kriya.

Guidance on Advancing Your Practice

One of the main flaws in teaching spiritual practices via books is that the author rarely does a good job guiding you on where to start and how to progress.

As an Integral Yogi, you’ll be able to ask these sorts of questions, but you’ll also see the progression practices (guided, of course) in your members area.

This will allow you to safely and consistently progress according to your pace.

Access to member-ONLY Micro-Courses

Occasionally, we’ll launch a course covering a specific topic or set of practices to work with…

As a member, you’ll get access to these.

Note: Most are, but some courses are not free. That said, members do get a 50% or more discount on these larger programs.

Members-Only Podcast Series

Several years ago I purchased a domain name called “” with the intention of sharing short (8-15 minute) talks that illuminated ideas, principles to live by, and unique ways of being (personality integration).

Never got around to those espresso talks, until now. They’ll be downloadable as well so you can listen to them whenever you want on whatever device you wish. (in the near future you’ll be able to access them all on our mobile app)

NEW! Guided Practice Every Month

To start with, you’ll get several guided practices (meditations, yoga, pranayama), but each month we’ll add a new one.

It keeps your practice fresh and allows you to work with other aspects of your heart, mind, and dimensions of perception.

BONUS: Open Dialog Commenting

We thought about hosting the membership on Facebook Groups, but didn’t like that it was on the most distracting social media site in the world… not very meditative.

So, we kept comments open on each of the satsangas and podcasts (as well as some of the other lessons) so you can ask questions and even share your own insights.

BONUS #1: Downloads Of All Meditations & Mantras (but, not like you’re used too…)

Personally, I enjoy being able to download meditations onto my phone and listen to them whenever I want… But, I also have noticed that too many guided meditations spend too much time explaining the prerequisites in the ACTUAL meditation.

We did things a little differently. You’ll find the explanation of each meditation in the lesson or module, but the actual meditation is a separate audio/download so that you don’t have to listen to us talk for a few minutes before you meditate. You can just hit play and it will begin immediately.

BONUS #2: Food & It’s Effects On Your Wellbeing

We consume on many various levels of our being. We are consuming through the eyes (what we see), we are consuming through the ears (what we ear), and so forth…

What we eat physically has a tremendous effect on how well we live day-to-day, but also on other dimensions of our being.

In this 50-min session, you’ll learn about the various dimensions of food, prana, and it’s effects on our spiritual work.

BONUS #3: The Rhythmic Breathing Pranayama

This is a practice that can be done in less than 12 minutes and has a tremendously calming effect on the nervous system, the mind, and emotions. It’s creates balance and stability which leads to a sweet, subtle clarity and tranquility afterwards – perfect for doing on a lunch break, and especially after a hard day’s work

Truth Seeker

$8 per month

This tier includes the video Satsangas

BONUS: Guided Rhythmic Breathing Pranayama

Integral Yogi

$12 per month

The Weekly Satsangas

The 9 Instant-Access Modules

Advancing Progression Paths & Guidence

Access To Member-Only Mini-Courses

Members-Only Podcast Series (Espresso Talks)

NEW! Guided Practices Every Month

BONUS: Guided Rhythmic Breathing Pranayama

Our Guided Practices Are DIFFERENT.

Maybe it’s only a personal preference, but whenever I find a guided meditation or visualization, one of the common things for the creator to do is to share the instructions for “sitting” and how to prepare yourself in the first few minutes.

This is good for the first few times, but after you’ve GOT IT, you already know how to prepare… and you’re probably already ready to go and don’t want to listen to 2 minutes of explanation.

So, when I designed (and continue to design) guided practices, this is taken into consideration and the instructions are given separately of the actual guided meditation.

So, when you download a practice, you can expect to get right into it within the first 10-20 seconds.

On top of that, I find that there’s a lot of talking these days when it comes to guided meditations, but meditation is an inward process and hearing the voice of someone talking can often times be more distracting.

So, you’ll find that the only “talking” you hear is that of the actual guidance, and it’s kept to an ultimate minimum so that you can journey inwards and have your own unique experiences.

Silence is more impactful than noise in this situation. I hope you enjoy it. 

Who This Is For...

  • Folks who might have a meditation practice or HAD one and stopped but really do want that spiritual aspect in their life
  • Folks who are looking for solutions to frustration, anxiety, fear, depression – who have a spiritual vibe – and would like to be able to alleviate these sufferings more holistically and without medication
  • Spiritual seekers who aren’t consistent with their practice (or don’t have one), who still don’t feel they have a good handle on their mind, their thoughts, their life, their emotions
  • Folks who are open to understanding and hearing knowledge and teachings that they’ve never heard before and that might expand their mind in a new way
  • Folks who know that transformation doesn’t happen overnight and that it’s with daily, diligent, persistent action that we can truly change our inner-world and start to change the world around us too
  • Folks who enjoy questioning the taboo and “unquestionable” and seek to KNOW the Truth rather than draw false conclusions

Who This is NOT For...

  • People who have no interest in spirituality
    People who are set in their ways and holding strong to those dogmatic beliefs and conclusions
  • People full of hatred, contempt, jealousy, anger with no desire to transform and dissolve these negative attitudes
  • People who are constantly seeing the negative in others, who are mean-minded, and who will do whatever they can to bring others down
  • People who have a big sense of entitlement, feeling and acting like the world and the people around them somehow OWE them something
  • People set on victimhood (always playing victim instead of taking responsibility for their life, their actions, their mistakes)
  • People only looking for superficial or fantasy forms of spiritual teachings

So, Why Join Today?

1. This is a PROVEN Processes

There isn’t a single idea, practice, or method that hasn’t been thoroughly experimented with and used in our own lives that you’ll find in this course. You will also find that this process, Integral Sadhana, is a very complete system of Yoga that includes several powerful disciplines that have been around for longer than we can even calculate. 

2. We Guide You Step-By-Step

You might be thinking that you can’t do all of these practices (be it your bodily inability or time)… That’s not an issue, though, because we will have modifications all along the way to ensure that whatever level of experience you’re at, you’ll still be able to use these methods.

3. Only 25-min Per Day Needed

After you’ve completed the program, you’ll be able to practice Integral Sadhana in just about 25-minutes per day. Of course, if you wish to evolve your practice, you can increase that time invested in spiritual growth, but this course was designed to make the biggest impact in as little time as possible.

Truth Seeker

$8 per month

This tier includes the video Satsangas

BONUS: Guided Rhythmic Breathing Pranayama

Integral Yogi

$12 per month

The Weekly Satsangas

The 9 Instant-Access Modules

Advancing Progression Paths & Guidence

Access To Member-Only Mini-Courses

Members-Only Podcast Series (Espresso Talks)

NEW! Guided Practices Every Month

BONUS: Guided Rhythmic Breathing Pranayama

Here’s What Happens After You Order…

After you complete your order you will land on this page here that will confirm your purchase and share important instructions for accessing your new course.

You will recieve a few emails: (1) your receipt, (2) a welcome email from us, and (3) your login and password.

Clicking the link or navigating to will allow you to use your login and password to sign in and access your course.

Once you login, you’ll see your new course banner showing “enrolled” and you’ll be able to click the banner to navigate into the course and BEGIN!

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