How To Make A Superfood Salad (high prana and ojas)

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Years ago I drove 6 hours to Homestead, FL to a wonderful Ashram 📿 tucked into an area of nothing but farm land for miles and miles.⠀

It was a bit eery considering I arrived and pulled up the long drive away at 11pm, hoping it was the right one.⠀

Thankfully, I was greeted by a smiling face and a man who was more than happy to help me to my bunkhouse (which I happened to have all to myself that weekend).⠀

He invited me to come to the kitchen to help him make some food.⠀

I thought it’d be a simple venture, but it became quite the production.⠀

After about 30 minutes of non-stop pealing and cutting, our masterpiece was finished…⠀

🥗 The Super Raw Bowl. (at least that’s what I call it)⠀

I learned how to make it that night, and in the HOT Florida summers, I like to make one here and there.⠀

I’ve given the “recipe” a few times but it’s quite flexible – you can put almost anything in it.⠀

We put about 15-20 fruits and vegetables. Even the ones you’d think wouldn’t work, like asparagus, pineapple, and avocado.⠀🍏🍎🍐🍊🍌🍉🍇🍓🍒🥭🍍🥝🍅🥑🥦🥒🥕⠀

Sounds terrible to some haha⠀

But, when mixed together, you don’t need anything else – no added sugar, dressing, salt, or anything. Just the fruits and veggies. (optional: nutritional yeast – something I wasn’t too fond of at the Ashram when I first feasted on this raw bowl)⠀

One medium portion of this and you’ll feel your mind and body come alive like never before!⠀

It’s like a quadruple shot of espresso, but better and cleaner.⠀

Raw fruits 🍎 and veggies 🥒 contain the highest amounts of prana (life force energies) and nutrients, so it just makes sense.⠀

Give it a try. It’s a fun experiment. And surprisingly delightful, especially in the afternoon (instead of a heavy lunch)

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