How To Be Spiritual In A Materialistic World

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One of the greatest misconceptions of our times is this separation or compartmentalizing of our life into little boxes.

For most of us, there’s our “spiritual life”… and then there’s secular life, like our job, daily duties, chores, and so forth.

…And there in lies the fundamental mistake.

We see it like this…

The job and daily duties are always frustratingly taking you away from your spiritual practices… Your sadhana.

And the spiritual practices seem to be limiting your ability to make any progress in the material attainments.

The problem with this type of thinking is that often we choose the practical attainments over the spiritual work, and neglect our growth.

But, let us put this one to rest.

There is NO separation, in truth.

All of life is a spiritual process.

We’re spiritual beings that have the gift of human life to work out our own personal evolution, karmas, desires, and so forth.

The moment you see that there’s no separation, you’ll see that every situation is an opportunity to grow.

First, we should be clear about what genuine spirituality is…

It’s not fanciful imaginations of soaring through astral planes, communing with divine beings, and never having to eat, sleep, or re-enter your physical body again.

A lot of folks these days are doing dangerous things with substances in an attempt to reach these high states without proper preparation, practice, or self-effort.

While there is much debate in the spiritual communities about the use of substances, we must at least be open-minded enough to look at all the angles.

Abusing substances is always harmful and dangerous… this is the big problem lately.

But since antiquity, many cultures (most secretive now) have had an intimate connection with the plant spirits, medicines of the Earth, and the magical brews that can be prepared with careful guidance.

If used in the correct setting, with expert guidance, and with the purpose of expanding our heart and moving into higher states of consciousness, these types of medicines can be essential in healing deep wounds and also highly beneficial for our personal evolution.

But, great care must be had.

…And it is MUCH better and more stable to work on oneself without the use of these substances.

Even the greatest Shamans and medicine workers have said so, and often after having attained the height of their powers, they give up the use of these plant medicines altogether, having gained the knowledge and wisdom that is beyond their use.

One should never embark on a spiritual journey with these medicines (or even advanced Yoga practices) without a guide who has truly mastered their self and the navigation of the subtle realms of consciousness.

Sure, these planes of reality exist.

Sure, they are attainable by hard work in meditation and various occult practices too.

But this is not the real goal of spirituality.

The true goal is to evolve. To grow. To enter into communion with the Divinity that is your center – the heart of your heart – the source and totality of your existence.

And in order to reach this sublime union, it is essential that we first work upon ourselves. Our mind. Our personality. Our thoughts…

To develop noble qualities such as compassion, kindness, patience, self-control, and spiritual strength. (among many others)

So you can see, now, when someone comes up to you at work and says something annoying…

Wishing that you were in a cave or out of your body isn’t the answer…

Going inside and requesting your mind to develop a little more patience and understanding in that moment is how you become a true spiritual hero.

The very same spiritual work can be accomplished even amidst your daily activities. You can repeat powerful Mantras (japa) while mowing the lawn, driving to work, or doing simple, mundane tasks.

You can practice concentration and mental control while eating your lunch (by doing so in silence). You can develop gratitude, reverence, and Bhakti (divine love) by uttering a few spontaneous words of “thanks” and prayer before you eat.

You can reflect upon profound teachings in the Vedas, the Holy Bible, or any other spiritual work (instead of aimlessly letting the mind wandering).

Every moment can become highly spiritualized.

Genuine spirituality is not always easy. It can be tough to face your fears. To stay the course, day-by-day. To give up certain habits for a higher ideal.

But, it can be simple. You can practice anywhere.

And, it is also the most worthy work you can do, because it is those positive vibrations that will stay with you from incarnation to incarnation.

Do the work.

Grow. Evolve. Realize.

Prem & Om.

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