How To Start A Meditation Practice That You Can Truly Enjoy & Look Forward To Each Day
(without sitting for hours, repeating monotonous “sleep-inducing” mantras, or twisting your body into a pretzel)


Experience: Meditation

Whenever I’m asked to give someone a meditation practice, it always seems so simple to them.

It seems anti-climatic almost.

Oh, it’s gonna be this big thing.

My practice is for me. For most it’s not possible. It’s a little too much. It requires time, patience, mental and physical endurance, and TIME (to get there).

What I mean is, I did NOT start out this way.

I started the same way I recommend.

Gradual. Easy. Simple. Small.

As you grow in strength. As your energies, your mind, and your emotions settle into this practice, you gradually increase. Very naturally. Spontaneously. Dare I say, intuitively.

If you attempt to push past your limits too early on, you’ll snap and give it up.

I’ve seen this so many times.

I’ve even been there myself many times.

Before I learned (the hard way) I would start a yoga practice. 1 hour every single day. It was fantastic. I’d wake up early each morning and do asanas and meditate.

After 2 months, I just stopped.

My system couldn’t handle it.

I got more flexible, sure. I felt good.

But, something didn’t settle in. I was trying to “get somewhere” and when I didn’t get there, I just quit.

That’s one of the flaws in this impatient anxiety we induce in ourselves.

We say, “I want the direct way. I want the fastest way. I don’t have time to wait.”

Then plan on giving up.

Because no one with that mentality has the willpower to endure the struggles, the inner transformations, the emotional baggage that can come up for us to deal with and heal, and so forth.

Patience. Persistence.

This is the secret to success.

And the secret to meditation is… Well… I’ll share that later 😉
{the secret to meditation is that there is no goal – you cannot attain – there is nothing to attain – only to lose – only to drop – then… you realize what is already there. What has always been there.)

  • Chanting Mantra. This can be a wonderful thing, but it is NOT meditation.
  • Dulling the mind. Making yourself sleepy or tired through various monotonous practices is NOT meditation.
  • Forcefully attempting to STOP all thoughts. If you’ve ever tried this, you’ll know right away that meditation is not possible. More tension, more frustration. For sure. Meditation. Not so much.
  • Inducing states of dreaming, visualization, and imagining all sorts of things that are happening to you. Visualization is also another great practice that can help us in many ways, but it is NOT meditation either…
So, what we are doing is Dharana.

What is True Meditation is Dhyana.


From this point onward, you’ll hear me use concentration and meditation interchangeably at times, especially when what we are doing is leading us onto that spontaneous meditative state.

So, when I say I have a guided meditation to share with you, what I mean is that I’m going to guide you through some technique or visualization that will help you concentrate and focus your mind; and it is possible after a short time that you will enter into a meditative state on your own using this method.

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