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On this day we celebrate and pour on our appreciation, reverence, and love for our Mother Earth. How much she compassionately and unconditionally gives to us.

She is the very sustainer of our lives. From the oxygen we breath to the food we eat… and even the subtler energies that have a tremendous effect on our health, happiness, and evolution.

We have an abundance of reasons to give thanks to Mother Earth (today and always).

But, of course, at this time, it is also easy to see the sad manipulation, disconnection, and abuse that She has had to endure at the hands of humanity.

Segue: I promise you, while we will travel (a little bit) through the “muck” of what is happening in the World right now, this post will absolutely conclude on a very positive & inspiring note. Come along…

So, the question arises…

How Did We Arrive Here?

How is it that we have grown so greedy that we would rather dump chemicals, garbage, and other such wastes in greater and greater abundance than find a better method or solution?

It is in our restless quest for “fulfillment” and “happiness” that we have lost our way…

And, now, the increasing stresses of the modern society are revealing their true colors. Real, lasting happiness is not derived from material gains and objects. Living in a state of true, permanent fulfillment cannot be found in worldly achievements and attainments.

To be clear, this isn’t an argument against having nice things and conveniences – it’s just that we’ve taken it too far.

If you just sit with yourself for a short while, and reflect upon what happiness and joy really is for you, you’ll notice how little the objects you possess contribute to it.

From a higher perspective, these increasing complexities of the World are not necessary.

The answer is also the solution for healing ourselves and Her…

To live happily, healthily, and abundantly, we actually do not need so many of these “shiny objects” that have been distracting us from our True connection with our Self and with Mother Earth.

Many are finally discovering this. There is hope in our recent generations.

But, how DID we get here?

How have we made it to such a degrading state of abuse for our Divine Mother Earth, who sustains our very lives? And abuse & unkindness towards ourselves, for that matter?

The answer is also the solution for healing ourselves and Her…

We’ve have simply lost touch with our intimate connection with the Earth.

Many of us have forgotten the simple joy of walking barefoot in the dirt (feeling the subtle pulse of energies beneath our toes)…

We’ve traded in our moments, of sitting in nature, walking in a forest, or taking a nap in the grass, for an electronic screen of pseudo pleasures and vicarious adventures.

Most don’t even know that it’s possible to “unrig” your phone from your hand and instead dig your fingers into the soil, and plant some flowers or food…

Let alone venture off into the unknown, and watch the false identity of “me” melt away for a short while.

Yet, this is the CORE of our own personal disconnection (with each-other too), the rampant psychological issues, and our (now) terribly restless minds.

…And it is in recognizing this that we can PAUSE…

…Turn back around, and head in the direction of connection, of simple (yet profound) Joy, and of caring for our Mother Earth and the the countless beings (human and otherwise) that live here with us. So…

What Do We Do?

For starters… Take a deep breath. Feel how the air you’re breathing right now is a gift. Cherish it for a moment; then release it and give a gift back.

Not just the ‘carbon dioxide’ that comes out of your lungs…

But, a real gift of blessings & positive words for the Earth, for your children, your family, your loved ones, your neighbors, and even those you have never known and will never know.

Then, whenever possible…

Try this: Take off your shoes and walk on the rocks, the earth, the grass. You’re not as fragile as you think. Jump in a puddle (with bare feet). Forget who you think you are for a moment and just Be a piece of life.

Drop the vanity and distractions of modern living.

A simple “check” will reveal a deeper Truth about yourself. Enquire (and answer honestly): “Is this thought or act bringing me pure, unconditioned Joy, or is it inflating my “self-image” (aka ego).”

It’s tough to admit that inflating your “self-image” is not actually in your best interest (despite what so many of the “famed but foolish gurus” of the West have perpetuated), but you will understand with only a few short minutes of deeper reflection.

Who you think you are… who you’ve come to believe you are… this is not your true Identity. It is… an image. A refraction (distortion of a real image) of Who you really are..

When you connect with Nature, you dissolve these concepts in a state of blissful humility – it’s then that you can begin to experience just really Who Are You.

So, on this Earth Day… Remember: connect more with the plants, the trees, the soil, the ocean, the butterflies, and, yes, even the creepy-crawlies and buzzing insects. Your body comes from the Earth and must return to the Earth.

Re-connection is our best chance at truly and permanently solving the problems of the World.

Love our Earth Mother as she unconditionally loves you.

Om & Prem.


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