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More dreams and ambitious goals have been stopped, crushed, and hindered by doubt than by any other “force” on Earth.

Doubt is built into us as an instinct…

A sort of safety mechanism.

Doubt ensures that we don’t act on a whim and possibly get ourselves tangled up in danger or embarrassment (which feels just as deadly to most of us these days).

So doubt isn’t all that bad.

It’s just that it doesn’t know when to turn on and off.

…And for most of us, it unconsciously goes on.

So, not all doubt need be dissolved or destroyed.

But, the self-doubt that doesn’t serve our purpose; our goal; our ambitions & dreams… That doubt must go.

The Allies Of Self-Doubt

How do you know if you’ve got a good reason to doubt – a healthy reason – or if it’s the negative, debilitating kind of doubt?


Self-doubt has a few allies.

…And they are always nearby when it rears it’s ugly head.

  • Negative thinking – The first symptom of self-doubt. If you’re thinking irrationally negative, know that this is the type of doubt that doesn’t serve you.
  • Worry – If you’re worrying, you’re only considering the problems & possibility of failing, and not the solutions or possibilities of a remarkable success.
  • Fantasizing – Nothing wrong with a little fantasy. Dreaming up a situation you’d like to make happen is a powerful practice… But, if all you can think about is the elaborate scenarios where you are failing, getting into trouble, and losing, this is the ally of doubt.

How Do I Dissolve Doubt?

Doubt can only live in an atmosphere of false beliefs, and distortions of reality.

If your mind is deranged or distorted to be thinking negatively all the time, then yes, mostly negative situations will occur – because even positive situations will be misperceived as negative.

…the surest way to dissolve self-doubt is to alter your perspective.

The quickest way to beat self-doubt is through action.

If you can get in motion (even the smallest of actions), you’ll begin to chisel away at the ‘mirage of doubt’ which is always thinner than it appears.

But, the surest way to dissolve self-doubt is to alter your perspective.

Doubt comes from one of 2 places (sometimes both at the same time).

1. The Past – You’ve failed in the past, so you feel that you have “evidence” that you might fail again.

2. The Future – You’ve never done this before and you don’t actually know if it’s possible, or if you’ll fail.

Let’s see how to conquer these 2 types of doubt… (click to watch video)



Nick Haubner

Yogi living in Orlando, FL

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