How To Start A Meditation Practice That You Can Truly Enjoy & Look Forward To Each Day

(without sitting for hours, repeating monotonous “sleep-inducing” mantras, or twisting your body into a pretzel)

Discover: Meditation

So, you want to meditate?

Well, great! That’s exactly why I created this free mini-series. For you!

Here’s What You’ll Learn: 
  • First, We’ll “Bust” Some Myths About What Meditation IS And What It Is NOT
  • Then, We’ll Answer The BIG Question: “What Is The Purpose Of Meditation?” (the answer might surprise you)
  • And Finally, You’ll Learn How To Start A Meditation Practice That You Truly Enjoy & EVEN Look Forward To Each Day…
  • PLUS, A Surpirse At The End To Make This Whole Experience Of Meditation Easier & Less Confusing…
S0, shall we dive right in?

You see, a lot of ways meditation is being taught these days is pretty incomplete and therefore… not as effective as it could be.

A lot of folks I’ve talked with who desire a consistent meditation practice have actually already tried it, or something similar… But, stopped.

They fell away from the practice altogether.

Even a few who’ve had wonderful experiences with meditations where they experienced states of sublime peace and clarity…

Now, maybe that’s you too. Or maybe you’ve NEVER tried to meditate your whole life. Which ever it is, the starting point of understanding how to have a consistent meditation practice that you actually enjoy and look forward to is the same…

Why is it then?

Why would they stop the practice if it seems like it was going so well for them?

Well, this is an important question…

One that helps guide how we START a meditation “habit” in the first place.

For one, meditation has become a word that people use to describe all sorts of “states” of mind. This is not only confusing, but unfortunate.

It dilutes the essential teachings of meditation.

For convenience we’ll continue to use the word: meditation

But, first, you should know what is NOT meditation so that we may know what IS meditation.

  • Chanting Mantra. This can be a wonderful thing, but it is NOT meditation.
  • Dulling the mind. Making yourself sleepy or tired through various monotonous practices is NOT meditation.
  • Forcefully attempting to STOP all thoughts. If you’ve ever tried this, you’ll know right away that meditation is not possible. More tension, more frustration. For sure. Meditation. Not so much.
  • Inducing states of dreaming, visualization, and imagining all sorts of things that are happening to you. Visualization is also another great practice that can help us in many ways, but it is NOT meditation either…
It’s easier to call these guided meditations, so we will do just that, but now you know that when we say this… there is what we name and label for easy descriptions and there is what is ACTUALLY the meditation experience.

What we are actually doing in guided meditations is “guided concentration” which doesn’t sound nearly as interesting so no one uses that wording.

You should know also… There’s nothing wrong with visualization, affirmations, and these sorts of practices. They are useful for their own purposes.

But, this is NOT meditation.

When you know what is meditation and what is NOT, you can navigate your way through these practices without being disillusioned and can finally begin to move towards meditation.

(meditation is on the opposite end of the spectrum from sleep. If sleep is going towards more unconsciousness meditation is super-consciousness)

So, what IS meditation then?

Let’s explore that…

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