What is Ahimsa? (really)

Second only to the word, Yoga, Ahimsa seems to be the most widely known. People in the West are getting it tattooed on them. Almost everyone who has ever taken a ‘hatha yoga class’ (physical exercises) knows of this word or has at least heard it spoken. And, especially, if you have heard of Mahatma […]

Simple Living, High Thinking

For centuries, the great spiritual masters have spoken of the peaceful power of simple living and high thinking. What does it mean? And most importantly, how does one apply this to their life? Most essentially, simple living is the art of living in circumstances that are not full of excess. Excessiveness and overindulgence is nothing […]

How To Be Spiritual In A Materialistic World

One of the greatest misconceptions of our times is this separation or compartmentalizing of our life into little boxes. For most of us, there’s our “spiritual life”… and then there’s secular life, like our job, daily duties, chores, and so forth. …And there in lies the fundamental mistake. We see it like this… The job […]

Earth, Our Mother

On this day we celebrate and pour on our appreciation, reverence, and love for our Mother Earth. How much she compassionately and unconditionally gives to us. She is the very sustainer of our lives. From the oxygen we breath to the food we eat… and even the subtler energies that have a tremendous effect on […]

3 Keys To Success In Your Spiritual Practice | Sadhana

There are as many “keys” to success as there are teachers and philosophers in the world. And there are certainly more than just these three, even for us. But, these are qualities that you’ll find, if you integrate them, are a most potent formula for making successful progress in your sadhana. The first is a […]

How to Masterfully Interpret & Integrate Spiritual Teachings

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably had some sort of spiritual experience that you couldn’t quite explain completely to someone else. …And if you haven’t, yet, that’s okay. You’ve probably had a vivid dream or experience that you couldn’t articulate quite well using words. So, what do we do? Usually after stumbling and bumbling through […]