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Pratipaksha Bhavana “Initiation”

We’ve just barely scratched the surface with what’s possible with the Pratipaksha Bhavana process.

It’s effective as you learned it now, but when we combine it with the “3 keys” and the “integral sadhana” approach, it is an incredible tool for transformation and spiritual growth.

This isn’t an initiation in the sense that you’ll be somehow bestow with some secret formulas or mantras to chant, but in that these 7-days of teachings initiate (accelerate might be a better word even) the process of self-transformation and equip you with the tools for doing it.


What You Get:

  • The essential 3 keys to guiding the power of your mind to attract any situation, circumstance, or transformation into your life (you’ve likely never heard of these 3 used like this)

  • A process I nicknamed, the “Mind Bath” for purifying your thoughts and emotions (especially after a tough day)
  • A mini-guided pranayama for energizing your system and dissolving stale, stagnant, stuck energies. It’s easy enough that you can do the practice in 3-minutes and you’ll feel amazing afterwards.
  • Plus, an integral approach to spiritual insights share like never before (combining the wisdom of Yoga, the Q’eros of the Andes, and more)

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How It Works:

Over the next 7-days, you’ll receive 1 new email each day. The longest one is maybe a 5-minute read, so they’re a nice quick read in the morning.

Each email is a mini-lesson for our 7-day course, so the teachings stack, one on the other.

By day 3, you’ll have several new insights as well as short, simple practices you can use in your life on a day to day basis.

The first lesson starts the moment you sign up for this free 7-day course.

You’ll get your first email within a few minutes of signing up.

After that, each day you’ll get an email around 6am (your timezone).

Shall we begin? 

to get the 7-Day P.B. Initiation Series

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