3 Keys To Success In Your Spiritual Practice | Sadhana

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There are as many “keys” to success as there are teachers and philosophers in the world.

And there are certainly more than just these three, even for us. But, these are qualities that you’ll find, if you integrate them, are a most potent formula for making successful progress in your sadhana.

The first is a key to unlocking success in any endeavor in life; so developing it will not only bring results in your spiritual practices, but also in all of your projects.

#1) Persistence (or Perseverance)

It takes tremendous will and discipline to continue your practices without missing them even for a day. There will always be “reasons why not” and “justifications for putting it off ’till tomorrow.”

Do not allow procrastination to steal your progress away.

Your practice must become, for you, as important as the beating of your heart.

You must persevere as though today is your very last… as though your next breath might be your last.

Only then will you truly reap the benefits of your hard work and persistent habits.

#2) Patience

It almost appears as a contradiction to the first.

Often the question arises, “How can I simultaneously persist like this is my last moments and also have patience?” But, this is exactly how you must proceed.

Develop the will power and a degree of persistence so profound that those around you might think your last breath is only moments away… while simultaneously having the inner patience to continue for a 1,000 lifetimes if you must.

You will gain immense power from the development of these qualities in your personality.

#3) Intensity

Most human beings, as they currently are, are living low intensity lives. It might seem like they are so busy. So restless. Going here and there in such a hurry.

But, this busyness is only a disguise. You may fool everyone else, but do not fool yourself.

These is ALWAYS room for a deeper intensity in life.

When you live intensely, a natural awareness develops in you. You become more dipped in moment-to-moment living.

Even the most mundane tasks are exhilarating because of your intensity of attention.

The Method

If you only adopt one of these “keys” you might have some success.

But, if you develop all three, you will have a very integral method for achieving success in your spiritual practices.

Persist. Do not waste even a single moment. Do not put “it” off for tomorrow, because you will never get this moment back.

Have Patience. How many lifetimes have you been through? How much Karma have you collected that is governing your very life (on autopilot)?

We do not know. So, it will take time and much effort. Be patient and continue the work. Be conscious now. Karmas of the past will be burned up by your deep, intense sadhana.

Proceed with Intensity. Be attentive. Immerse yourself in life… even the seemingly mundane.

Life is a gift for your development. The Divine Hand is ALWAYS guiding you. These are no mistakes. Only opportunities for growth.

Wherever you are right now, is exactly where you must be until you “Get the Lesson.” Then only, will you move on.

Do good Sadhana.


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